Elleth Of Light


Chapter 057




Elleth of Light

Alternative Pairings (Merenwen and Eomer) Part 1 of 2

**Takes place shortly after Boromir's death in the earlier chapters of Elleth of Light**

Merenwen's POV

I don't know what came over me to lead me to these frantic steps I was taking away from the remaining members of the fellowship. Perhaps my injuries were clouding my judgment or perhaps witnessing Boromir draw in his final breath all whilst Merry and Pippen were taken hostage. Hope had abandoned me and I had simply lost my will to continue on with the fellowship. What good was I to them? I could not save Boromir, nor could I free myself from thoughts of home to allow myself to truly be there.

I felt guilty but that guilt was becoming far less apparent in comparison to the sheer exhaustion I was experiencing. Knowing Elessar, I was certain he and the others intended on following me. He was an excellent tracker, which is why I could not stop now, even if my aching body was pleading for me to do so.

I felt my bandage around my torso becoming saturated with blood. My vision was growing fuzzy as well as my senses. Perhaps I did not choose the best moment to run off towards a direction I had no knowledge of. So much for the elven sense of direction within me; I was hopelessly lost and the weight of my own body was becoming too much to bear.

I was nearing my collapse, I struggled to reach the chilled, water drenched soil of a stream's edge that had caught my senses far later than it should. The moment I felt my labored steps upon the softened earth I allowed my body to finally give into the fatigue and pain now gripping me entirely.

My fingertips traced designs into the loosened soil. My sight found pleasure in the beautiful surroundings I had found myself within until I heard the distinct sound of a heavy foot upon a branch, snapping it under the pressure.

I scrambled to my feet while pulling my sword into sight for whoever or whatever decided to venture to my location. My wound must have opened further from the sudden movements; I winced but forced my wavering body to remain standing. If I were to die, it would not be lying helplessly upon the ground.

"Show yourself!" I demanded. The movement of the grass and the erratic lights being cast by the moving water was making it hard for my eyes to focus in my current state. Focus Merenwen! You've got to focus!

Without warning I felt the hilt of a blade crash atop my wrist causing me to drop my sword instantly. I spun around but within seconds I had lost my footing and began falling upon the ground instead it was not the moistened ground that caught me, it was the very creature wielding the sword that disarmed me.

I felt myself being lifted into the air and watched as this armored man began walking with me as his prisoner.

"I am no prisoner!" I screamed before struggling in his arms. As I struggled I swore I heard a chuckle escape his lips which only infuriated me more.

"Would you settle down? You're going to hurt yourself." His deep tone was so calm despite my struggles.

"I demand you release me!" I shouted while I began scrambling to unfasten his helmet. I right hook to the nose, Elessar said that was the quickest way to get a man to give up in a fight, well in this case, it would force him to release me from his oversized arms.

"You're behaving like a child! Stop it! I am trying…to…help you!" He strained while I clawed at his helmet buckle.

"Fine! You want down so bad? Here." With that the man removed his arms from underneath me and I crashed hard onto the ground. I released a yelp until my injury demanded my attention from the sudden impact. I pressed my hand upon my side before bringing it before my gaze. My hand was drenched in red. I then looked up at the man who was hovering over me.

"Will you let me help you now? Or would you rather I leave you here?" I studied his features. Such an intense expression and yet I could see in his eyes a sense of gentleness.

"Who are you…how can I trust you?" He smirked at my words before removing his helmet. His long, dark blond waves cascaded about his face and shoulders.

"Eomer of Rohan, and what shall I call you she-elf?"

"Merenwen of Lothlorien."

"You are far from home little one, come let me tend to your wounds and you can proceed with your attempts to fight me." He chuckled. Little one? Attempts to fight? I clenched my teeth to keep my objections to get in the way of the only help I had.

I released a sigh of aggravation as the man scooped me into his arms once more. How I hated the fact I was injured. And how I hated that this…scruffy, oversized man was my so called rescuer.

The sun was beginning to fall behind the horizon, the chill of night was settling into the land with haste. Shadows began to stretch their hand from the stray trees dotting the grassland.

"Would you like cloak? You seem cold."

"No thank you." I spat. He proceeded to laugh, again with the amusement from my every response.

"I have never met an elf before but I was under the impression elves are known for their eloquence and grace; you remind me more of the men I under my command than any elf."

"Well I'll have you know I have you know I have met many mortals in my life and you are by far the rudest!" I snapped.

"I could have left you there, gotten my water and simply left without so much as a word. It is not in my nature to trust a stranger, let alone help one." He said softly. Even in the darkness falling upon his features I could see the seriousness upon his face.

"What changed your mind?"

"Must have been a reflection of sunlight upon your armor, or some strange illusion my mind conjured…but a light drew me to you. Then I simply saw you lying there, I don't know, I guess I read too much into the light I swore I saw in you." His words were almost touching. I felt my distaste in the man lessening a bit as he spoke. I wonder what light he saw, perhaps he was in fact meant to find me. At least it was not Elessar and the others, that much was certain. I could not face them. Their disappointment, their desire for me to join them once more. No, the further the distance I felt between myself and the fellowship, the more I was at peace with my decision. That was not my path, I wondered if it ever was. Forgive me my Lady Galadriel, I fled from the path you had set out before me and now I travel along a path I no longer recognized.

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