The Roamer


Chapter 008




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IMPORTANT! you will probably get confused later on in this chapter. I have changed Darkes past a bit from what was said in the prologue. Her father was not a spy that was captured and killed, and she did love people other than her father. Also the ten year old thing had been changed.


We emerged into the heat of sunlight onto rocky ground. Everyone was too depressed by the death of Gandalf to talk. Everyone except Legolas. He pulled me over behind a rock. "You could have saved him!" he half whispered half yelled. "I tried my best to." I answered with barely a tremor in my voice. My throat and eye corners hurt from holding back my emotions- a skill I have perfected from millennia of practise. "You should have tried harder!" he almost began to yell. I could feel his hot breath on my face. "Now our quest is over, before we have even reached a quarter- way." I new that the others could probably hear him by now. "I would have tried harder. Gandalf meant more to me than you could ever imagine." I managed to say this in my usual demeanor. He probably gave a quizzical look. "Why..." I cut him off."Because I remembered something he said to me. And I know him better than anyone- I know he will come back to us." He sighed. "There, I fear, you are wrong. Non- one can get out of deaths void, not even the Valar." "Have hope" I muttered, before turning away. I hated it when peoples words troubled me. For I had a feeling he was right.

As we both emerged from behind the rock, I heard Aragorn cry out to Legolas. "Legolas get them up. "Give them a moment, for pity's sake!" Borimer exclaimed. I heard Aragorn sigh beside me. "By nightfall these hills will be swarming with orcs! We must reach the woods of Lothlorien. Come Borimer, Legolas, Gimli, Darke, get them up. On your feet Sam" He said walking toward the hobbit. The others stood there dumbstruck. "He's right you know" I called over my shoulder, making my way toward Merry.

"I can see the forest!" Aragorn yelled. We ran toward it, our boots kicking up leaves laying on the forest floor. We soon slowed to a walk though, as Legolas said "We are now under the protection of the wood." None the less, we were still wary, particulary Gimli. I could tell by his movements that he was all tensed up. "Gimli" I muttered out of the corner of my mouth "relax we are safe." He gave a small jump. Even in the dappled light of the forest, I was still hard to see. He went over to the hobbits, still tense.

"Stay close young hobbits... They say a sorceress lives in these woods. An elf witch of great and terrible power! All who look upon her fall under her spell..." Gimli muttered to the hobbits. I heard their heart rates go up in fear. "And are never seen again!" He finalised. I sensed Pippin shiver, and decided that that was enough. "Then I will just come and save you" I said to them. "Because I can't look at her." I heard Frodo give a small laugh. I smiled to myself. Mission accomplished.

But Gimli would not be so easily subdued. "I'm another whom she won't subdue so easily! I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox!" I rolled my eyes behind their cloth ribbon. I could hear the light footsteps of elves drawing near us. I was just about to go tell Aragorn, when one of them stepped before us. I heard the familiar creak of a taught bowstring. "The dwarf breathes so loudly, we could have shot him in the dark" The elf, if I correctly recalled was named Haldir, said. He had spoken the truth. Gimli did breathe incredibly loudly.

Aragorn began to speak in Queyna (a branch of elvish spoken by those of the Lorien). "Haldir of Lorien, we have come for help. We need your protection." Gimli was becoming angry. "Aragorn, these woods are perilous! We must turn back!" Haldir just sighed, as if talking to dwarves was the last thing he wished to do. "You have entered the realm of the lady of the wood. Come, she is waiting."

The lord Celeborn and the lady Galadriel stood before us. The silence was eerie. "Nine there are, yet not the ones who set out from Rivendell. Tell me were is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him." Celeborn had the voice of a lord, but not an unkind one. "he has fallen into shadow" Galadriel said softly. I hated to say it, but she scared me. She was almost as old as I am, and she knew much of middle earth. She continued to speak softly. "Your quest stands on the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fall to ruin of all... Yet hope remains while the company is true. Go now and rest.. for your hearts are weary with sorrow and toil.." Her voice faded. But inside my head I heard her speak to me loud and clear. "Meet me at the fountain, for I wish to speak to you. I will wait until sundown." My heart grew foreboding, for I think she had read my thoughts, my last sanctuary.

The hobbits, Legolas, Gimli and I sat in a pavolian. A sad singing drifted up into the bower. "A lament for Gandalf" Legolas said sadly. "What do they say of him?" Merry asked. "I have no heart to tell you for the grief is all to near." he replied. I was glad he didn't say it aloud, for tears were already threatening to spill out of my sightless eyes.

I heard Aragorn approach Borimer, whom was sitting alone. I had heard the faint sobs, but I hadn't figured the meaning of them yet. "Take some rest" Aragorn murmured to him "These borders are well protected." "I can take no rest here" he replied sadly. "She spoke inside my head of the fall of Gondor. She said there is still hope left but I cannot see it. I cannot rest here" That makes two of us, I thought. Thinking of thoughts, Galadriel had asked for me to see her.

I quietly left the couch which I had been sitting on. No- one noticed. Aragorn was still talking to Borimer, and the hobbits and Gimli were immersed in the food. Legolas was watching them in amusement.

As she had said, the lady was waiting. "Greetings" she said. "You wished to speak with me" I said. "Let us walk" she said, "For this is not he place to do so." We walked along soft grass, the sweet smell of flowers perfuming the trail. Galadriel sat down on what I thought was a log. She patted down next to her, so I sat. Though she scared me, I knew that I could somehow trust her. "Let us be blunt, for there is no point of niceties here." she said. I could hear the authority in her voice under the soft sad sound. "You know of us, our names, where we are from. And yet we have never heard, nor seen you. You have spied, and yet you can not be evil, as it cannot pass our borders. Who are you?" I hesitated before answering. "I am the roamer. You may have heard the legend, and you probably haven't but I am here." "They call you Darke" she said. "A name rightly given. You are clothed in the darkness of Mordor, and your past is shrouded in evil. And the dark is all you see." "Though the fault is not mine" I replied. "You are blind, yet you can see."

"No. Only the rare glimpse every few decades, and only for fleeting moments."

"But a fleeting moment is all it takes to tip a balance."

"That is true. May I ask you something?"

"Go ahead. I believe all have a rite to information."

"Did you read all my thoughts and memories?" I asked. She had revealed she knew a lot of me. "No. I only looked for a moment. I have already said most of what I know" She gave a small chortle. I gave a mental sigh of relief. "Thank you. I don't know what I would do if someone knew of them."

"I get a feeling that you would do something." She said. I think she smiled. "I shall accompany you back to your pavilion. There is another whom I wish to speak with." We set off, me hiding in the shadows, her gliding effortlessly across the grass. She left me at the steps. "We shall meet again someday. I would enjoy speaking to you once more. It is refreshing to have someone blunt here." I smiled. "Thank you. I am sure we shall meet again." She turned to leave, and I began up the stairs. "Oh, and Darke?"

"Tell them about the... you know. It has been revealed, and the less confusion the more hope." She walked off, and I continued up the stairs. I knew what she had been talking about. It was just doing it that was hard. I made my way across the floor and sat on a stool. The familiar snores of Gimli did not mask the sound of Frodo walking down the stairs. I frowned to myself, dreading what I would have to tell them before we set from the Lorien.

The sound of Aragorn waking disturbed me from my thoughts. He was an early riser, but I had hoped he would sleep more. His movements had grown slower and clumsier. He needed more rest. "Dreams or nightmares?" I asked him. "A mixture" was all he replied. "Go back to sleep. The sun has barely tainted the sky." He didn't need any more urging, and soon slept long after all others had woken.

Frodo had said nothing of his exploits last night, and neither had I. Though I knew it would be better to get it done, I was reluctant to speak to the fellowship of my secret and my past. I did not want to be pitied, nor awed. But I had realised that since Moria, the others had grown more distant. This itself didn't bother me, but this fellowship needed to stick together if we were to succeed. Borimer especially troubled me. I believe he thought of me as a demon from the depths of Mordor. I could literally feel the suspicion oozing from him every time he glanced my way. Waiting for the moment to reveal me as an evil to all the fellowship.

That afternoon was a rare moment. For once all of us were together in the same room. The hobbits, Gimli and Borimer were always exploring, Legolas conversed with his kin, and Aragorn did who knows what. I usually wandered the paths, remembering things I had learnt in my previous expeditions here. I could feel Borimer waiting to ask me a dreaded question, waiting for the right moment to strike. Finally he got up and sat by me. "Hello."


"Are you enjoying your stay? It is very- different to Gondor."
"That it is."

"You miss your brother, and your father, don't you.?"

"I do. They are both dear to me. My brother could not make a better captain in my stead, and my father rules fairly and justly."

I could sense him getting ready to spring the question upon me. His speech was getting faster as he grew more excited, and his heart beat faster.

'"However, the constant orc raids, and other attacks are weakening us. I don't want to lose faith, but I don't see how we can hold for much longer. Hope fades quickly in war."

"Yes it does. So you must make sure never to lose it."
"True. But don't listen to me, you have enough troubles of your own! I wasn't surprised last night when you snuck off to weep!"

All the attention was on me and Borimer now. The hobbits had stopped eating, instead looking at me with surprised expressions cast upon their faces.(probably- I can't be sure)

"I assure you, I was not weeping. I merely had to leave to collect my thoughts."

Sam was listening intently. I could tell that this was going almost exactly the way Borimer had planned. "Then where did you go?" Sam asked. "You missed out on the best wine in middle earth!" I gave a wry smile. This had turned into the perfect opportunity to do what Galadriel had asked. "I went to speak to Galadriel." I said.

"What did you speak of?" Borimer asked. One of the dreaded questions ( dun dun duuuuuuuuhhhhhhn)

"Moria. She wished of me to speak to you all about it." I said addressing everyone. "But we already know what has happened!" Exclaimed Frodo. "Surely we do not need to re- awake our sorrow!" I sighed. Here came the great moment. the one were they would either flee from me, or truely accept me into the quest. "She meant of more confusing parts." I said. "By this I mean when I saved you and Aragorn from the pillar. And when I left to try and save Gandalf." I took a deep breath. "I think it is time we got to know who you really are, Darke." Aragorn said. "Yes!" exclaimed Borimer. "for misfortune has dogged our steps. Are you a spy, or a creature of greater evil?" I raised an eyebrow. "Neither. And first I would like to hear what others thoughts of what I am." No- one said anything. "Well.." Legolas began. "I believe that you're a skin changer. When you dove for Aragorn, Frodo and Gandalf all I saw of you was a great pair of wings. Perhaps you turn into a great raven?" I sighed. I had hoped they had guessed, but in all likelihood it would have been impossible. "You got the wing part right." I said. "But I have never spoken to one, let alone I myself being one."
"Then you must be a demon!" Cried Borimer. "Nothing else could have such powers!" Mutters went around, and Pippin shrank back. "I assure you I am no demon!" I yelled. "Then if you are not a demon, a spy or a skin changer- what are you?" Borimer asked. Another dreaded question. The exact one Borimer had been wanting to ask since Moria. I could feel the suspicion in the air. "I don't know." Mutters went around again. "Surely you must know!" Cried Merry. "Everyone is born into a race!" I smiled. If only life were so simple. "It is true. I was born a human girl. Then I was turned to an elf. Then I was turned- into whatever I am now." I sighed. That had been the hardest thing I had done for almost all of my life- or all of it that truely counts. "You are confusing us and taking us around in circles. Really what are you?" Gimli said. "I don't know. It is just as I told you." I sighed again. "Tell us your past. The knowledge from all our races may be able to figure out what you are! You do not want us to know, but for the sake of mutual friendship let us help you!" Aragorn cried. Again I sighed and raised my eyebrow. I really needed to stop doing that so often.

"You must realise" I began. "That I have never told anyone what I am about to tell you. Not even Gandalf knew my full history. I am only doing this for the sake of the quest, and because Galadriel told me it would be best." I explained. "There are some things I must ask of you before I tell you. "Name them, and then we shall agree." Borimer said. His mood had become fouler. This had not gone the way he had wanted. "First you must not utter my past to anyone without my permission. Second, you must not pity me for my past. Do not hold me in awe either, I don't deserve it. Most importantly- don't let my past put you into sorrow. I doubt that you have heard a sadder story, or one with so much darkness. It is a long story so be prepared." There was silence. "Your terms make sense, and they are fair. I agree to them." Legolas said. "I do as well." Frodo said. "Us to!" The other hobbits said. Gimli, Aragorn and a reluctant Borimer also agreed. "Good now make yourselves comfortable its a long story." And I began to speak.

"I don't really have a childhood. Most of it was a dream- a hallaculution created my Morgoth until he found what to do with me. I was a happy child when I was young- always playing in the sun and laughing in the rain. But when I was 5 a great pestilence swept the land and I caught it. I fell ill, and one day I ceased to show signs of life. I was thought dead, and was buried. But Morgoth did not want me to have lead a happy life. He wanted me doomed to eternal darkness. So after the first shovel of dirt was scooped over my almost dead body, he used the power of the Silmarils to spirit me away to his domain. I am- or was Urwen, first daughter of Hurin and also know as Lailaith." A collective gasp went around. "That was over six millenia ago!" Legolas exclaimed. "Yes, yes it was. Anyway, in his domain he kept me lying in a coma. For 5 years I was stuck in a permanent dream that Morgoth created using the memories of my father. I thought I was living a real life, being normal child. But for those years I lay on a bed dreaming.

When I was 10 Morgoth had finally decided my fate. He needed the perfect spy- and he could bring despair to my father and achieve his purposes by using me. So he made me dream I was kidnapped by orcs and taken to him. Then I was finally woken. It is a very unnerving experience spending most of your life as a 5 year old- and then suddenly waking up and finding yourself not that age, but also looking different than you had always thought you did. Acting different, sounding different- its crazy. Morgoth himself took me to see the trouble spreading over Beleriand. I wasn't born in the middle earth you know- I was born in the land across the border of the blue mountains. A land that I watched sink under waves long ago. Morgoth showed my my elder brother, Turin, mourning in Doriath. I watched my mother try and raise the younger sister I never met while all around her was pillaged and what she had was taken from her. I saw my father sitting atop a stone throne, helpless and watching through Morgoth's eyes. And he told me that soon I would become part of the destruction I was witnessing." I hesitated, not sure if I should go any further. But the fellowship was entrigued in my story, I could feel all their eyes on me.

"I wasn't strong enough for his purposes, and he wanted to make me into the likeliness of an orc- just better. So again using the good magic of the Silmarils's he did the impossible and I became an elf. The original orcs were at first elves, gone dark and evil. I looked, sounded and had all the physical features of an elf of my age. But it didn't last long. As soon as I had grown used to my new form, he began to experiment. I was strapped to a table and made to take potions. He would put me in a dark room and chant softly weaving dark spells that changed my body. When I reached the age of around 25 I stopped ageing. He then allowed me to grow strong in the body. My mind he kept in despair. I watched the failings of my brother and sister, the products of Morgoth's curse. I watched my mother sink into despair. Again he decided when I had grown enough, and he got a raven. It was one the sires of the ravens that once flew around the lonely mountain and spoke to Thrain and Thror. In front of me he took this great bird, and twisted its head off. He then got his servant Sauron to cut off its wings. These he sewed to my back under his masters orders. I was put into the dark room again, and Morgoth began chanting, differently this time. It was loud and it was mingled with screaming. As he chanted my wings grew and my bones hollowed. My skin grew tough and needs such as hunger and thirst disappeared. My eyesight grew sharper, but darker. Again he waited for me to strengthen, then took me to the dark room. This reigeim continued for months, until he was forced to stop and govern his beasts. He was close to being overthrown. I was chained were my father had been, for the deaths of my brother and sister released him. I watched him and my mother die by the grave of my sister and brother." Words were spilling out of me now. I doubt I could have stopped if I'd tried.

Somehow, I don't know, Morgoth was defeated. I freed myself from Angband and fled to the forests of Brethil. I made a some friends, but all but one perished. In the forest, I went blind. Morgoth had used his power, and now I could only see in darkness. During the day or around other light I was blind. In fear and desperation I got my friends to surround me with fire, in hoping to blind myself so I wouldn't have to endure the never ending whiteness. I hate white. It is the absence of colour, the colour of death. The colour of bones bleached white on a battle field, and of a person who has fallen to sickness or injury. Anyway, it worked and all I saw since then was darkness. No light, no colour just black. But it is better than white. For years I flew around Beleriand, and occasionally venturing into Hithlum- what we called this part of middle earth then. Though I could not see, I learnt to tell were I was by the sound of the air through grass and trees. I learnt to tell peoples emotions by the way their hearts beat, and their gender by the way they breathed. My friends helped me and guided me until I learnt. Then the great sea began to cover Beleriand like a blanket. My closest friend described to me what was happening as we fled. Out other friends had chosen to stay behind and try to keep the sea at bay, and perished. We fled to the Fanghorn forest. I began learning the geography, and quickly learnt every pebble. I ventured into Mordor, because Sauron was nothing compared to Morgoth. I was captured at one point and tortured. I escaped, and wearily I crawled along the road, until a branch fell on my head and I collapsed . I woke up to find Gandalf had healed me, and we became good friends. He acted more than a father to me, and acted better than a friend ever had." I felt a slight tremor working its way into my voice now, but I fought it back. I needed to stay strong. "In Orthanc I briefly met Sauruman, who promptly forgot about me. I didn't like him though, because he reminded me too much of Morgoth."

Then one day, while flying, I heard shouting and screaming. I wasn't a stranger to this, but I went to discern what was happeing. I found a battalion of orcs destroying a small village, just like what had happened in the Elder Days. I couldn't stand not acting, so I went and fought. That day I vowed I would never let another dark lord ruin anyone else's life- at least not anywhere near to the extent mine had. So ever since that day I have watched (in a sense) over middle earth, stopping what ever troubles I could. I made few friends, and revealed myself to almost none. I had previously tried to approach people, but they were afraid at the sight of me. And not many people would be happy for a blind creepy women, unmarried and warlike moved into their home area. So now, 4 000- ish years later Gandalf asked me to come to the meeting of the ring. I had observed the quest for the lonely mountain carefully, and I did likewise the second I heard of what was happening in the shire again. He thought I might know something useful, and knew I would help with the quest. And you all know the rest, starting from when I jumped out of that tree."

My story was finished. I had done what I had never done before, and had always dreaded doing. The fellowship sat in silence, dumbstruck, not knowing what to think. I wasn't surprised. It was a lot to take in, in such a short amount of time. "We thought you were many things, but we did not expect anything like this." Aragorn finally said. "I don't blame you."

"It is beyond anything we had ever imagined. All who lived in the time (and region) of Morgoth were thought to be dead."

"I am the only human- ish being left. All elves dwarves and men died when Beleriand went under waves."

We sat in silence for some more. Borimer however still had an unsure sense about him. "How can we be sure you story is true?" He asked. "It may have been made up as a cover story in case she was asked!" I had predicted he would not believe so easily. The others gave gasps at his rashness, and Gimli gave a cry of outrage. "If you want proof, you can have proof." I said coldly. I was fed up of his constant disbelief. With that, I stood and drew myself to my full height. Then I cast off my cloak and my hood, tearing off the ribbon that covered my eyes. I spread my wings to their 14ft span. "Here's your proof" I said.

Two massive black ravens sings spread from my back fully extended through the 2 slits cut in the back of my shirt and tunic. I stood at just over 6.5ft, dwarfing the others. I shared some resemblance to my mother and father, but the spells of Morgoth had changed me. Pale skinned, with a pale mouth. Dark black eyebrows that matched the short hair on my head, tied back and only reaching just below the shoulders. My ears were pointed even more than an elf's. My nose was like a normal nose.( anti-climactic) A long pale scar stretched across my left cheek. The eyes scared Borimer most of all. Slanted slightly and quite large, one was stormy grey like my mothers had been. The other was a brilliant gold, the color of a hawks. But they were cold and distant, unseeing. There was almost no sparkle left from the few days when I was truely happy. (If your wondering how I know what I look like, I haven't changed in appearance since I escaped Morgoth). He gave a small whimper, as I sat back down. "If any others had doubts, which I don't think you did, they have been proven wrong." I said. After we sat in a dumbstruck silence for a little more, I couldn't take it. "I'm going to get some water." I said hastily fastening my cloak and ribbon, and flicking up my cowl.

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