The Roamer


Chapter 010




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A/N- Sorry it took so long to write the last chapter. I had loads of last minute tests, and in all my spare time I was sleeping. The song isn't mine, it is the prayer by Celine Dion. I translated it into the language Darke speaks(Vianliz), but you can find the song and lyrics on youtube.

As I neared my friends I smelt blood in the air. Not orc blood, but the blood of a human. I swore, and quickened my pace if that was even possible. I wasn't going to let another of my friends die.

I descended through the treetops, landing softly onto my feet. I ran towards my friends, who were just- standing there. All the orcs had fled, or lay dead around the area. Something was wrong, They stood completely silent, hardly breathing, hearts beating slowly. They were in great sorrow, as if a close person had died. The only sound was a ragged heavy breathing, and the fluttering heartbeat of a dying man. Kran.

"They took the little one's." Borimer croaked. I walked toward him, kneeling by his side. Aragorn told him to hold still. "Frodo, where is Frodo?"

"We let him go."

"Then you did what I could not." Borimer's voice grew worse by the second. "I tried to take the ring from him."

I couldn't stand it. "Borimer, it wasn't you. It was Sauron." I felt sad, but I was used to the feeling. I kept calm and composed. This didn't make the pain of him dying in front of me any less though.

"The ring is beyond our reach now. You are safe." Aragorn said to him.

"Forgive me. I did not see it. I have failed you all."

"Borimer, you did not fail us. There is nothing of your doing to forgive." I felt a lump rise in my throat. Borimer had so much to live for, and now he was fading. I didn't want another who I cared about die either. We had both already fought enough hardship.

"Borimer, you fought bravely. You have kept your honour." Aragorn extended his hand out to Borimer, but he yelled for it to be left. I could only assume that Aragorn had been trying to remove something embedded in his chest, causing his wheezy breathing.

"The world of men will fall. And all will come to darkness, and my city to ruin." His voice was hardly more than a whisper, and had despair in it.

"I do not know if I have the strength in my blood, but I will not let the white city fall, nor our people fail." Aragorn pledged to him.

"Our people? Our people?" His hand scuffled gently through the leaves beside him. He breathed a final sigh of breath. "I would have followed you. My brother. My captain. My king." His weak fluttering heart gave one last frail beat, before stopping forever. I sensed Aragorn bend over him and kiss his brow. My eyes began to prickle. "They will wait at the white tower for his coming, but he shan't return."

I wasn't sure why I said it. My voice was full of sorrow, and the slightest of tremors had made its way into it. Gimli turned away sniffing. Legolas had slowed his breathing to maintain a strong composure. I could smell salty tears coming off Aragorns face.

"We cannot let him lay here among these foul orcs like carrion." Legolas broke the silence. I got up from my kneeling position, grateful for something that we could do. "We must be fast." Gimli added on. "We must follow the orcs of there is any hope of our company living as prisoners." Aragorn joined as well. "But we do not know if the ring- bearer is with them of not. Are we to abandon him? An evil choice is upon us."

"Frodo and Sam took a boat. Which way is unknown to me. I suggest we lay him in a boat with his weapons and send him over the falls of Rauros. The river of Gondor will make sure no evil dishonours his bones."

"That seems like the best we can do." Aragorn told me. Aragorn and I carried his body down to the river, while Legolas and Gimli brought the weapons of those he had slain. We laid him gently into a boat with his weapons by his side and his foes weapons beneath his feet. Pushing the boat into the water, I flew it into the middle of the river, and it sailed away. I stood by the others who were watching it fall over the edge. I couldn't hear the splash as it fell over the roaring of the falls.

"In days after, they will talk of when an elven boat rode the falls and foaming pool, and bore him past Osgiliath, to the mouths of the Anduin, out into the great sea at night under the stars. No evil shall befall the spirit of the son of Denethor." Then Aragorn began to sing a slow mournful song.

Through Rohan over fen and field where the long grass grows*

The west wind comes walking, and about the walls it goes.

'What news from the west, O wandering wind, do you bring me tonight?

Have you seen Borimer the tall by star or moonlight?'

'I saw him ride over streams, over waters wide and grey;

I saw him walk in empty land until he passed away…

Aragorn continued on for a little longer, but when he was done Legolas began to sing in a beautiful high clear voice.

From the mouths of the sea the south wind flies, from the sandhills and the stones;

The wailing of the gulls it bears, and at the gate it moans.

'What news of the south, O sighing wind, do you bring to me at eve? Where now is Borimer the fair? He tarries and I grieve.' …

He also carried on for a while, then Aragorn began to sing again. I didn't pay any attention to the words, because the singing had awakened my sorrow. A single tear wet the piece of material that ever bound my eyes.

'O Borimer! The tower guard shall ever northward gaze

To Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, until the end of days."

The song drew to a close, but I knew that I had to add something. I couldn't let another person go without seeming not to care much. So I began to sing an old funeral song that I learnt when I was a very young child.

El xing at-il lek ow kan, wod kath ol air be sile.

wod leth ol er lek ahrk, ber eve yon be rag layn.

Lie row lek ow wing, yon be lost ow pat.

How ol er ei vin, Fol ol giv ate stare, Er ei vin air be il-lek zon.

La luce che tu hai**

El xing be-il fa ate mon

Nel cuore restera

wod palm a ber ow vol.

A ricodarci che

Yon dar sile om mul nom.

Eterna stella sei.

How ol er ei vin, Fol ol giv ate stare, Er ei vin air be il-lek zon.

The last deep, operatic note hung lingering in the air. A slight prickling grew on the back of my neck. Legolas turned away quickly before anyone else noticed. "Thank- you for not leaving me the east wind" Gimli said to me. "I aren't much of a singer." I smiled "I aren't either." I said to him. "But I did not sing about the east wind. The people of Minas Tirith endure it, but do not ask news of it." A fleeting wry smile graced my face.

Suddenly a shout came from Legolas. "Frodo and Sam are on the eastern shore! If we hurry we can get to them!" Aragorn stood still, facing the opposite shore. He let out a sigh. "You mean not to follow them" Legolas said quietly.

"Then it has all been in vain. The fellowship has failed." Gimli said defeated.

"No." I said. We could not give up now. Not with the death of our friend still lingering over us.

"Not if we hold true to each other." Aragorn finished off. "We will not abandon Merry and Pippin to torment and death. Not while we have strength left." Legolas and Gimli approached him, and he put a hand on their shoulders. Dunedain, elf and dwarf, friends and allies to the end. A feeling of unity came over us. "Leave all that can be spared behind." Aragorn continued. "We travel light. Lets go hunt some orc."

I threw my spare cloak on, but didn't bother putting the hood up. My time of hiding was over. "Lets see if you guys can keep up," I said unfurling my wings. I took a run up and began to dodge between the trees at quite a speed. A "Hey!" came from Legolas and Gimli began to laugh. Aragorn ran off after me, with the other two in tow. I waited for them and ran with them, but I could faintly feel two pairs of hobbit eyes on the back of my neck.

*The first two songs are by Tolkein.

** The bold italics is Spanish or a similar language

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