Amid The Powers And Chances Of The World


Chapter 020




Appendix - dates etc (Spoilers!!)

(Would have loved to call this Appendix B; but that would have implied to Altariel that she had some chance of getting Rowanna's genealogy as Appendix A...)

Purely for those who like to map crucial dates/timespans against what is happening in canon; if you don't care or have already worked it out for yourself, skip all this!

Events in this fic are in bold, canon events in italics (with canon dates taken from LoTR Appendix B). And if you find any glaring errors (ouch), go on, point 'em out...

Feasible horseback travel times have been worked out through a mixture of discussion on H-A Yahoo and the HASA forums, and from the invaluable Middle-Earth Travel Times charts put together by ErinRua, Sulriel and Blue Iris at - tweaked, plausibly I hope, here and there to fit the plot! Points where exact numbers of days are left hazy are my deliberate defence against potential accusations of PJ-style Magic!Distance...

2998: Rowanna is born in Rohan.

2992: Her father, Halemnar, is killed on an expedition with Éomund, chief Marshal of the Mark.

3002: Éomund is killed in an orc-raid. Not long after, his wife Théodwyn dies, at which point King Théoden takes Éomer and Éowyn into his household.

June 3018: Rowanna is brought to Rivendell.

9th October: Glorfindel leaves Rivendell.

18th October: Gandalf reaches Rivendell.

20th October: Barring of the Ford of the Bruinen. Arrival of Aragorn and the Hobbits in Rivendell. 

24th October: Legolas arrives in Rivendell.

25th October: Council of Elrond. Legolas and Rowanna are introduced by Bilbo after the post-Council feast.

December 25th 3018: Fellowship set out from Rivendell.

Mid-January 3019: Rowanna begins to have bad dreams.

January 25th: Gandalf "casts down the Balrog, and passes away."

End of January: the unseasonably early thaw in the northern Misty Mountains.

Early February: Rowanna, Dirgon and their Elvish escort set out from Rivendell.

February 14th: Gandalf returns to life, and lies in a trance.

February 16th: the Fellowship leave Lórien.

February 17th:Gwaihir bears Gandalf to Lórien. Rowanna's party see him high up and far ahead as they ride south through Rhovanion.

February 24th: Rowanna's party reach the northern borders of Lothlórien.

February 26th: Breaking of the Fellowship. The Three Hunters set out in the evening in pursuit of the Orcs who have taken Merry and Pippin . Eomer sets out from the Eastfold about midnight in pursuit of the Orcs. Rowanna and Dirgon leave Lothlórien in mid-afternoon.

February 29th: Eomer's eored attack the Orcs at dawn on the edge of Fangorn; they pile the corpses and burn them. Rowanna and Dirgon are attacked by two Orcs at sunset. Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn stop at sunset at the northernmost end of the Downs between the Eastemnet and the Wold. Rowanna riding southwards meets Legolas at the northern edge of the Downs at nightfall.

February 30th: Eomer returning to Edoras meets Aragorn.Rowanna continues back to Edoras with Eomer's eored.

March 1st:Eomer and the eored, with Rowanna, arrive back in Edoras (date my speculation, since all we know is that they do so some time between February 30th, and March 2nd when Gandalf and the Three Hunters get there). Rowanna meets Edyth outside her mother's house, and is taken back to Silver Street: Eomer is arrested (whether this day or the next is open to interpretation in canon, so my speculation): Edyth goes to Eowyn for help.

March 2nd: Rowanna meets Eowyn in the bakehouse at dawn: Gandalf and the Three Hunters see Edoras at dawn still some leagues off. They arrive in the City some time in the later morning, and eat with Theoden before the muster is summoned: Rowanna hears the news of their arrival, meets Legolas above the Gate, and departs for Gondor herself as the Eorlingas ride West.

March 3rd-4th: Battle for Helm's Deep overnight.

March 5th: the Nazgul passes over the Fellowship's camp at Dol Baran, and Pippin and Gandalf set out for Minas Tirith.

March 8th: Rowanna arrives at the Rammas in the morning. She and Bergil find Miranna late in the afternoon. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli walk the Paths of the Dead, and reach the Stone of Erech at midnight.

March 9th: Gandalf and Pippin arrive at the Rammas at dawn. Pippin is taken into Denethor's service. The reinforcements from the Southlands arrive at the City in late afternoon, watched by Pippin and Bergil. Darkness begins to flow out of Mordor.

March 10th: The Dawnless Day. Miranna grows weaker and more ill, and is taken to the Houses by Rowanna and Bergil. The Nazgul attack Faramir's Company on the Pelennor and are driven off by Gandalf.

March 13th: Wounded are brought in from the Causeway Forts. Pippin and Rowanna witness the sortie by the Swan Knights to rescue the remnant of Faramir's company. Aragorn reaches Pelargir and captures the fleet.

March 14th: Minas Tirith is besieged.

March 15th: The Witch-King breaks the Gate. Miranna comes close to death. The Rohirrim arrive at cockcrow. Battle of the Pelennor: Denethor burns himself on the pyre; Gandalf and Pippin rescue Faramir. Faramir is brought to the Houses of Healing in the early morning. Theoden is killed; Eowyn and Merry slay the Witch-King and are wounded, and brought to the Houses. Aragorn and the black fleet reach the Harlond in mid-morning and turn the battle. Rowanna labours in the Houses of Healing to help the wounded. Aragorn and the Sons of Elrond come to the Houses of Healing after nightfall.

March 16th: The Last Debate. Legolas and Gimli enter the City and are reunited with Merry and Pippin.

March 18th: The Captains of the West march on Mordor.

March 20th: Faramir and Merry, with Rowanna, discuss Eowyn and her part in the Ride of the Rohirrim and the battle for the Pelennor.

March 21st: Faramir calls on Miranna.

March 22nd: Rowanna visits Eowyn. 

March 25th: Parley and battle before the Black Gate. The Ring is destroyed. Downfall of Barad-dur and Sauron.

Mid-April: Merry rides out to the Field of Cormallen, accompanied by Rowanna.

May 1st: Crowning of the King Elessar before the gates of the City.

May 8th: The Rohirrim, Eomer, Eowyn, the Sons of Elrond and Rowanna depart for Rohan.

May 20th: Elrond and Arwen come to Lorien.

May 27th: The escort of Arwen leaves Lorien.

June 14th: The sons of Elrond and Rowanna meet the escort and bring Arwen to Edoras.

June 16th: They set out for Gondor.

1 Lithe: Arwen comes to the City. Elrohir confronts Legolas.

Mid-year's Day: Wedding of Elessar and Arwen.

July 2nd (day following Mid-year's Day): Rowanna leaves for Dol Amroth at dawn.

July 19th: Funeral escort of King Theoden (including the Fellowship) sets out for Rohan.

August 22nd: Legolas and Gimli part from the rest of the Fellowship and set out first for Fangorn, then for Mirkwood and Erebor.

December: Rowanna and her mother are in Minas Tirith for mettarë.


Stirring/Spring 3020: Legolas struggles with the Sea-longing in Mirkwood.

31st May: Faramir writes to Rowanna.

Late June: Rowanna comes to Ithilien.

Fourth Age 120:

March 1st: Death of Aragorn.

March: Death of Rowanna.

Spring? Legolas and Gimli take ship for the West.